How You Can Eliminate Anxiety In 4 Easy Steps Today!

Is this you?

Are you sick of anxiety holding you back from enjoying your life?

Do you suffer panic attacks?

Do you find yourself not including yourself into group situations?

Would you like to be strong, confident and assertive?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Are you worried about passing on your self-limiting beliefs to your children or grandchildren?

It is very important to master your mindset as it affects your life in so many ways.

It causes you to behave in a 'loop' and even if you manage to make the 'loop' larger,

you will always come back to where you feel overwhelmed by the problem.

Mindset affects the four main areas of your life:

  • Relationships - it can enhance or hinder areas of your relationship.

  • Health - long term stress eventually damages your main body organs. Mindset is important with controlling weight loss. Pain relief and fertility issues can also be helped.

  • Business - having a positive attitude/mindset with work areas have improved many people's work/business goals.

  • Money - how you work and control your finances can also be a mindset issue.

Build your confidence and eliminate your anxiety

Invest in your Positive Mindset Today

$350 per session

* Purchase 3 session packs and save $50

* Purchase 6 session packs and save $210

* Purchase 12 session packs and save $600

Sharon, you have such an amazing gift, thank you is not enough for what you have done for me. Loved your time-line procedure and hypnotherapy, not only now can I wear a watch and bracelet, I also have freedom within myself, no panic attacks, no bad smells and no fear. After 41 years of anxiety and just one short visit from you, you have changed my world.

Love your work!


Linda Gowling

Three Secrets Hypnosis Facts

1. Dehypnotise

Most people are already under a form of hypnosis already - the negative kind.

"The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn."

Gloria Steinem

We often use self-talk in a negative way in our lives and so we act with social conditioning. Most of our conditioning occurred long ago -- much of it before we could speak or remember.

And it has come through many different sources: parents, teachers, friends, strangers, books, magazines, radio, television, films, advertising. It is part of the fabric of our society. No single person was responsible.

2. Your Mind is like an iceberg -10% showing and 90% hidden!

The Subconscious or unintentional aspect of your mind represents around 90 percent of your total brain function.

Your Subconscious is a vast collection of unintentional, habitual thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

Therefore, the phrase that best describes the Subconscious mind is NO CHOICE / Not thinking ...

And we’ll call the visible 10 percent your Conscious Mind, and the hidden 90 percent your Subconscious Mind.

Another word for Conscious is intentional because it represents CHOICE.

3. Rapid Changes

  • I will explain what hypnosis is and isn't. This will help you to understand the hypnosis treatments and remove the fear of the treatment.

  • Hypnosis is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. You are fully dressed and comfortable. This can be in clinic or you can also book in for an E-Hypnotherapy treatment in the comfort of your home. This treatment requires a good internet provider, bluetooth headset and a computer with a camera. In the comfort of your home you can experience the hypnosis session and begin your next chapter of your life today.

  • You will receive in the session hypnotic metaphors and stories that will help you make a change at the unconscious level that is effortless.

  • You will awaken and experience the new changes that you have been able to make!

If you want to improve your life and release the crippling fears and anxiety you are having today, and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

Act now and talk with me to learn how I help people release their fears, anxiety and phobias.

Confidence building in a calm relaxing way.

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