About Sharon and how Bodysense by Shaz began.

Nestled in the rural, serene township of Strathalbyn, Bodysense by Shaz treatment rooms are designed to enhance and relax you into a more tranquil frame of mind.

Bodysense by Shaz was founded in 2003, after a marriage breakdown and having the previous knowledge of being a business owner, Sharon decided to train as a Remedial Massage therapist, incorporating her previous nursing experience.

Sharon had the vision that people would like to use their health fund benefits whilst maintaining their mobility and ability to work longer and productive lives.

Sharon attended the massage training school in Adelaide at South Australian Health Education ( since on sold to Endeavour Group ) graduating after an extensive 2 years training with a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

The school also introduced Sharon to the varied styles of energy work and she fostered her passion of the Essential Oils to aid healing. Sharon also trained in the ancient healing art of Reiki.

Training with the intention of looking after her fellow townsfolk, Sharon also trained in pregnancy massage and looking after the disabled and elderly.

Sharon continued her post training expertise by specialising in 'Frozen Shoulder' treatments, after her eldest son began to suffer from the condition post shoulder surgery. She has since specialised in these treatments with great results for her clients.

Sharon's business thrived working from home and then at the local physiotherapist clinic blossomed further. Then in 2007 she went on to open a clinic in 2 Catherine Street Strathalbyn, incorporating the beauty services.

Sharon enjoys giving facials, waxing & tinting and spray tans to her clientele.

Wishing to spend more time with family and friends, by 2012, Sharon had gone full circle and returned to a home-based business which it still operates.

Sharon enjoys keeping her clients feeling and working to the best of their bodies abilities with the many and varied therapies she has learnt and incorporates into each treatment.

Always interested in learning, Sharon furthered her healing skills by training as a Hypnotherapist in 2015. These skills can help with many anxieties and circumstances in her clients lives.

Learnings have continued with Sharon completing her NLP practitioner training in April 2020 and furthering her skills with voice activated Hypnotherapy skills in May 2020. These skills help you to "Transform and Rebuild Your Life" by de-cluttering the past messages and head for a more positive and productive future, easier than how Sharon did it.

Sharon has been coaching her clients in the clinic for years and has decided to branch into coaching on-line with her signature coaching modules, "Achieving Success Business Building Success" system.

Sharon and her husband live in Strathalbyn and loves keeping up with their seven grown children and ten grandchildren, while in their spare time they enjoy golf, football, travel and the produce of the local region.